Cardio Bust – Day 3

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Based on Feedback from the Facebook TAM Momma’s (and Franco, might I add), I did my Mat Work FIRST, and Cardio Second.


I couldn’t make it thru the 30 minutes of Cardio.  10 Minutes into the work out, I had some water.  15 Minutes in, I had to press pause.  More water.  Big decision… I stopped.

Although the sweat is POURING off of me, I will have to go back and do this again in the afternoon or evening.  I physically can’t make it through the work out.  I am drenched. More than I ever have been.  I am just going to have to go back later today, to avoid injury.   Mat First, Cardio Second, does make a big difference.  Maybe tomorrow, I will be ready for this!

I would also like to add, the mat workout is getting easier each day.  I did all of the ab reps (with my hand supporting my neck the entire time) and a lot more of the floor work, then the twice before.  I also have not lost one oz, but that is okay. My % body fat is down, and my water weight is up.

NOTE:  Franco did not give me advice on Mat/Cardio but so far, he is the only guy I have seen on the TAM Facebook page.  I didn’t want to be female centric, and hence why he gets a shout out here!


Love your Sweat – Day 2

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Day 2 was harder for cardio and easier for mat work.  Day 1 of the food was easy!

  • Cardio – I found myself trying to get the moves down, and not just going with it.  I did sweat a lot, but I am not sure that I love my sweat…  just yet!
  • Mat – This was easier.  On the Left side, I wish Tracy would just say when she changes her moves, or tell you how many counts each move is.  Our plasma tv is on the wall, and this morning I woke up with a sore neck.  I think my neck is sore because I am on my hands and knees with my neck all cranked up to see the TV.  I am sure I will get used to this with time.
  • Food Plan – The food is easy.  It is all prepared (by Chef Moi!), and when I am hungry I just grab something.  I had 7 things to eat yesterday.  I ate them all, and I didn’t need anything else.  During the day at one point, I did think about cheese.  And, then I talked the cheese down, and moved on to my sweet potato pudding.  I ate my chocolate dessert over the course of the day one bite at a time.  And, wow!  It is DELICIOUS!  I did have to replace chestnuts with hazelnuts, as I went to 6 stores and was unable to locate any chestnuts in April.  I was told that they only have them ‘in season’ which is Christmas time.

My body feels fine.  I did a lot of extra stretching yesterday, last night and this morning.  I will stretch again tonight.  If this rain ever stops, I will also take the dogs for a good long walk.

So, I am doing this.  It is pretty easy. It is fun.  And, I just need to stick with the program.

Omnicentric Metamorphosis!!! – Day 1

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I woke up 2 hours earlier than normal @ 5:15am. I am sure this was the excitement and anticipation of the TAM program.  After weighing and measuring (hello, I can’t believe that I have posted my measurements here, in a public forum… OMG!) I drank my first yummy Power Juice, on ice.  It is actually very yummy.  And, the fact that I had brushed my teeth was actually okay.  I wondered about this AFTER I had scrubbed my gums.

Hitting play on the DVR was exciting.  On Saturday morning, I had watched both the cardio and the mat work, and ‘played along’ a little to prepare myself for what I was getting into.  The cardio is fun!  I am probably one of the most uncoordinated people on the planet, and so the ‘dance like no one’s watching’ phrase kept popping into my head.  I did not keep up, and found that I had to jump ‘in place’ to get back on track.  BUT, I will get this routine down, because it is absolutely do-able if you have taken at least a few cardio classes in your life. And if not… I think YOU could get it too.

I hit pause at 20 minutes.  My sock was falling into my shoe and other than that, I didn’t have to take any breaks.  I feel that this is pretty good for me, as I generally dislike cardio.  I am also overweight and heavy for me (I recently put on some winter weight and normally sit around 168), so I was glad that I was physically able to complete this routine.

The mat work was interesting and it actually flew by.  In the beginning of the tape, Tracy says something like “make sure that you don’t miss any of these moves”.  Yeah.  I missed a lot of them.  But, I did my best, and I just went a little slower than she did!  Towards the end of this DVD, you are on your knees for a long while.  I had to hit pause and add a blanket under my mat.  This was very helpful and I recommend this for anyone with knee ‘issues’.  I also have an issue with my right hip and my psoas muscle (did you know you had a psoas muscle?). I actually believe that this work out is going to help to support my hip and psoas muscle.  I think that I will gain the strength that I have been looking for in those areas.

Day 1 exercise is now over.  Day 1 eating continues with 6 more ‘mini meals’.  Off to work.  I am very luck that my commute is from this desk, to that desk, on the other side of this room.

Food Preparation – Week 1

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Above is the food that I purchased for week 1 of the Dynamic Eating Plan!  I actually drove about 200 miles round trip to Trader Joe’s (the closest one to our house) because of some advice I received from the TAM girls on FB.

Food prep was pretty interesting.  My first attempt at JUICING, proved that you can’t juice without a juicer.  Who knew!  I tried the food processor, and the blender, and both just ended up with a bunch of Kale and Beet Goo.  My friend Kate loaned me her juicer.

Food prep Part Deux began at 5:30pm and ended at 9:40pm.  It was long.  I only have enough Juice for 3 days.  I will also have to make more apple sauce and gazpacho.  I remember hearing that GP ate a bunch of baby food to lose weight.  I am guessing that this is exactly the diet that she did, because most of the food is of that steamed food processed consistency.

Tomorrow is ‘go time’.  Up at 7am for my first weigh in and  measurements.  Then, Power Juice and my first POWER WORK OUT!!!

Am I ready??? – Preparation Weekend

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This is my first ever blog, and my first ever ‘diet’ with Tracy Anderson.  I am 37 years old, a ‘once upon a time athlete’, who is ready to take control of my body.  My Tracy Anderson Omnicentric Kit arrived on Friday afternoon.  Since then, I have spent the weekend preparing for my Monday morning kick off.  Don’t most women start their diets on a Monday?

The box arrived and this is what it contained:  4 CDs. A Workout Tracker.  Inspirational Letter from beautiful (don’t I want to look like her), Tracy.  A ‘Let’s Get Started’ how to guide.  They Dynamic Eating Plan. A tape measure.

I found the Tracy Anderson Method (TAM) Group on Facebook and started asking questions to the ‘TAM women as many call themselves. For example, “Hi, My name is Cindy TAM”.  Their stories are inspirational.  They are smart. They are encouraging and they LOVE Tracy!

I realized quickly, I needed a new pair of shoes. The recommended shoes are Nike Shox or Nike Air Max.  The Air Max will work best for me, and were purchased in purple (the only color in the store).

Then, I purchased a scale.  I have a scale. But, it is the old school kind with a dial, and if you place it on a rug it takes off a few lbs making you feel better if you are having a ‘fatty day’.  I felt like if I was going to really do this, I need to be able to measure in exact lbs.  I also wanted a scale that calculates percent body fat.  I picked up the Brookstone Whole Body Scale, on sale for 49.95.

Now, the food. The DYNAMIC EATING PLAN.  This isn’t so easy.  Tracy writes in her Dynamic Eating Plan that there is no option but to follow her plan, to the letter T.  No making changes, except for allergies.  For now, I still don’t have any kale, chestnuts or parsnips.  So, for the rest of my Sunday, I will be trying to purchase those 3 food items.  I live in Upstate NY. There is no whole foods, and no Trader Joe’s.

Tonight, or this afternoon.  I will start to prep some of my food.  I have a food processor and a blender, but no juicer. I will take notes, and post anything that I think is helpful.

Also today, I need to take some ‘before’ photos.  Or, some today photos.  And, then tomorrow.  I get this party started!!!